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Imagine growing up in a poor, remote village without a functioning school, where female literacy rates are between 28-36%! The literacy rates of these villages are lower than half the national average and among the lowest in all of India.


The Girls2School Program has given a few girls from Kitahatu the possibility to get an education by providing scholarships to attend private schools since 2007. The educational sponsorship goes towards tuition, books and school uniforms, as well as living expenses (hostels, medical care, personal needs, travel, clothing and shoes) as required.


Giving these children access to education, not only empowers them, but – through their enhanced skills – contributes to a better quality of life for their families and can help further the community in the long-run.


The Kita-Hatu Association supports the girls through the entire process for decades, our program plans to remain small, personalized, and focused.


You can support the Girls2School Program by purchasing Kita-Hatu products, the proceeds of which are used to fund all stages of the program. Or donate directly by clicking on one of the following links



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