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There are a many ways you can get involved with Kita-Hatu Association and its extended community.
Contact us to learn more.


Since 2007 KITA HATU's Girls2School Program has been providing education sponsorships and guidance to girls from Kitahatu Village in Ranchi District, India -- where literacy rates are between 28-32%-- by providing sponsorships to attend private schools. The sponsorships cover tuiition, books, uniforms, as well as living expenses (hostel, medical care, personal needs, travel, clothing and shoes) as required.

Now, Ganga Swansi is taking English and computer courses in Ranchi. She is being cared for at the Urseline Convent by Sr. Lucia as she awaits the beginning of her schooling for a BA in Nursing and Midwifery at St. Barnabas Hospital College of Nursing, in Ranchi -- we need your donations to continue supporting her.

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